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what is backlink? The word backlinks is one of the most prominent terms that you come across when you trying hard to get your website indexed and ranked better in search engines. Well, they sure deserve the attention because they could do magic for you and give a great deal of traffic for your websites by generating better ranking in search engines. Backlinks are simply those links to a webpage, blog or article placed on a different website, well usually in one that has a greater ranking in search engines. The idea of placing the links in top websites is that they are giving you a certain reputation and vote from these top websites and search engine initially rates your website based on these votes. So the most effective votes would be those that come from reputed sites which are relevant to your site content.

Many people are of the opinion that .EDU links have a great reputation and trust value than other commercial sites and of course it is also seen that they are quite hard to obtain as well. The reason why people give a lot of importance to increase backlinks is that if you have enough of them, then half of your search engine optimization job is done and you can get a decent traffic even if your site is brand new. So the higher you rank, the more are your chances of getting more visitors. Search engines are bound to drive more traffic to you based on the number of links pointing to your site and it is not so hard to understand this logic, is it?

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The keywords used by you on your website are also a key factor for driving traffic and is considered as an important SEO tool. Well, keywords are just the terms that people type into search engines when they are looking for something specific. A right blend of keywords and blog backlinks could be a great way to get your website a great deal of traffic. SEO techniques like these are cost free options to drive relevant traffic to your website and works better than TV and print advertisements. These backlinks are placed in articles, ads, images and even banners and this gives you an opportunity to use every single thing on the web as a tool to get your site ahead of the race. There are sites like wikilinks that use tools and increase backlinks to generate a great deal of media exposure to get their page on top of search engine results page.

There are various ways of getting backlinks and a common way is finding a backlink tool which does the job of increase backlinks for your website and also aids you in finding good backlinks. Backlink agent and SEO elite are two of the well-known software’s in this category and they make the job a lot easier for you although using manual method is always a good idea if you wish to gain knowledge and see how things work. You can also use link to other relevant blogs within your blog although it does not essentially act as a great backlink builder but sure points out relevance. Using services like Onlywire to share published content will also help you publish the content that you have to high rank websites bringing quality backlinks back to your website.